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Our Therapists

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The therapists at MoveAbout Therapy Services have extensive and varied experience, each bringing a solid understanding of the therapeutic model used at MoveAbout Therapy Services along with their own unique personal, professional, and theraputic experiences. All of our therapists regularly attend professional development opportunities to enhance their experience and knowledge base, and receive professional mentoring weekly to enhance their therapy. At MoveAbout Therapy Services, we promote a team approach to therapy, with senior therapists in each discipline available to support all therapists.

At MoveAbout Therapy Services, all therapists are trained in the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based model (DIR®/Flooritime™), with additional profession-specific training available to all therapists. Examples of some of the programs that our staff have trained in are: Sensory Integration and Regulation, Interactive Metronome™, Therapeutic Listening™, The Therapressure Protocol, The Alert Program, Astronaut Training, the MORE oral motor program, Neuro-Developmental Treatment techniques (NDT), The Listening Program and Craniosacral Therapy. Many of our therapists have also undertaken professional development practicum experiences in Australia and the United States for additional experience and input from senior therapists.

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In addition to the professional development undertaken, our therapists also share out-of-office experiences to promote a collegial atmosphere and ensure that our team have a relationship that allows everyone to feel valued and supported, and therefore comfortable to seek help and advice from other therapists wherever appropriate to ensure the best outcomes for your child.