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Children and Family Centred Therapy Services

Getting Started with MoveAbout

Assessment of current functional ability is an important first step in your child's treatment

When starting therapy with MoveAbout Therapy Services, we always begin with an assessment of your child's current abilities, challenges, and developmental and functional capacities.

For families new to occupational therapy or speech therapy services, this involves a full assessment consisting of two 90 minute assessment sessions in our offices, and includes delivery of a full written report including assessment outcomes and recommendations for therapy.

For families transferring from another service, and where a recent report is available, review of the existing report and a single 90 minute consultation will allow our therapists to gain the information they need.

The outcomes and recommendations are then discussed in a parents-only meeting before determining a treatment schedule.

Please contact our office to discuss the details of these options for commencement with one of our staff, and to schedule an appointment.


Forms and Questionnaires

To get to know your and your child's history, we ask you to complete and return some forms and questionnaires. We will be posting copies of these questionnaires in this area in the coming weeks to allow you to download them rather than waiting for them to arrive through the post.