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Floortime™ Players

Floortime™ players are people with experience and training in the practice of Floortime™ with children with developmental delays, though are rarely qualified therapists. Floortime™ players typically will come to your home, not only to utilise this familiar environment for your child, but also to coach you where appropriate through interactions designed to help your child progress through the developmental levels.

Whilst MoveAbout Therapy Services do not currently have any staff available to act as a Floortime™ player, through our links with universities in the area we are able to help you contact occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and psychology students that may be able to work with you as a Floortime™ player. Similarly, we are able to help train and mentor people you have working with your child in Floortime™ techniques to enable them to work within the Floortime™ framework with your child.