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Specialty Therapies

A number of specialty therapies are implemented at MoveAbout Therapy Services such as Therapeutic Listening™, The Alert Program™, Interactive Metronome™, and Astronaut Training™ though we prefer to think of these as simply tools that our therapists can choose and use as appropriate for each child. By utilising a developmental model of therapy, our therapists are able to focus on the goals for each child rather than feel locked into a specific program.

Of course, where it is considered appropriate, our therapists may suggest a particular program for your child, and we ensure that MoveAbout Therapy Services staff have the training and equipment available for your child to receive the maximum benefit from these specialised therapies.

Where additional specialist therapies would be appropriate and our staff are unable to offer these services directly, we utilise our network of trusted professionals to provide referral based access so your child receives the best care.