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Speech & Language Pathology

Speech therapy is fun with bubbles

Speech & language pathology, or speech therapy, is concerned with not only speaking, but also the use of the mouth and throat in all functional activities (e.g. feeding, swallowing, and speech), and communication in a more general sense. Communication consists of far more than the words we say, and includes gestural communication, facial expressions, and tone and volume of voice. For school age children, a large part of communication surrounds literacy, the development of vocabulary, and structuring communication with good sentence structure and grammar.

Speech therapy at MoveAbout Therapy Services is tailored within our developmental framework to each child's unique needs. Our speech therapists consider the developmental level and sensory processing capabilities of each child, and where appropriate, work within the DIR®/Floortime™ framework.

Speech therapy services at MoveAbout Therapy Services would benefit children with difficulties in the following areas: