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Engine Groups

Engine Groups are run periodically at MoveAbout Therapy Services to introduce children to the vocabulary, self-awareness and techniques of the Alert Program. The Alert Program, sometimes known as "How does your engine run?" is a program designed to be taught to children in group or school settings that encourages not only self-awareness of "alert" state, but provides techniques for children to use when they feel their engine is not running at the right speed, and also encourages social interaction with similar peers in the group setting.

The Alert Program uses the analogy of a car's engine to help children understand their own body and their feelings that impact their energy level. Just like a car's engine, a child can be too slow, too fast, or just right for the situation, and the situation will determine what speed is "just right." MoveAbout Therapy Services therapists will let you know if a suitable engine group is available for your child. These groups run typically three or four times per year, and consist of 12 group sessions. Groups are formed with the social match and interaction of the group in mind, so contact your therapist if you want to know when the next suitable group for your child is scheduled.