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Interactive Metronome™

Interactive Metronome promotes improvement in motor planning, sequencing and timing

Interactive Metronome™ is a computer-based treatment approach that is effective in increasing focus and attention, increasing physical endurance and stamina, filtering out internal and external distractions, and improve abilities to monitor mental and physical actions, and progressively improves coordinated performance. When using Interactive Metronome™, children hear a metronome beat and attempt to match the beat whilst performing a number of physical actions.

At MoveAbout Therapy Services, Interactive Metronome™ is implemented in a fun but challenging way to engage children in the learning process. Children may play patty-cake with their therapist, or come up with dance moves in time to the beat. Interactive Metronome™ may be implemented in an intensive, programmed approach where appropriate, but is commonly also used as an adjunct within therapy sessions to enhance organisation and sequencing of actions at appropriate stages in the therapeutic relationship. Children who have benefitted from Interactive Metronome™ include (but are not limited to) children with: