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Play-based therapy

Play-based therapy uses fun activities to achieve therapeutic outcomes.

Play is a powerful tool in therapy with children. Children naturally do most of their learning during play, they learn about themselves and the world around them, about relationships with others, and about the expression and management of feelings all through active exploration in playful activity. Play is fundamental to the learning and development of all children.

Play-based therapy utilises enjoyable and child-directed activity to assist children with challenges. Therapists modify these child-directed activities in a playful manner to provide appropriate challenge for the child, and to achieve therapeutic outcomes whilst the child engages in play.

Play is also highly meaningful and motivating. When an activity is meaningful, the child is likely to be more driven, work harder, and persist in a way that they would not in an activity that they find uninteresting or overly challenging. Activities that are meaningful bring about greater memory and learning of the experience than do activities that are less meaningful.

Play-based therapy at MoveAbout Therapy Services incorporates families into therapy sessions where appropriate. Through including families in play-based therapy sessions, family members have the opportunity to enjoy time together whilst achieving therapeutic outcomes. These sessions also provide an opportunity to model activities that can then be taken home to extend the activities and strategies from therapy sessions into everyday life.