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Sensory Diet

A sensory diet is a prescribed set of activities to be performed at identified times throughout the day, to provide appropriate sensory input to support a child (or adult) to achieve an appropriate internal state, which then allows them to participate in a desired range of functional activities. In the sense that a diet of food provides nourishment for the body - nutrition, energy intake and essential vitamins and minerals - a sensory diet provides nourishment for the body (and brain) through the intake of essential sensory experiences.

At MoveAbout Therapy Services, we work with families to develop individualised sensory diets for children. The establishment of a sensory diet includes many stages, from the detective work of finding out what times during a day are most challenging for a child, to determining the precursor events that create these difficulties, and eventually to implementing and refining the sensory diet. MoveAbout Therapy Services therapists guide our families through these steps to ensure an appropriate, effective and manageable diet can be implemented where needed.