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Therapeutic Listening™

Therapeutic Listening™ can be used within therapy sessions or as a home-only program

Therapeutic Listening™ is a sensory-integrative treatment approach that utilises specially modified music to stimulate areas of the sensory system and brain, to in turn provide organising sensory input. The Therapeutic Listening™ system includes a number of different music choices, each providing slightly different sensory input that can be used to target different therapeutic goals.

For best effect, Therapeutic Listening™ is implemented as a take-home program, listening twice daily to music selected by your therapist. Therapeutic Listening™ can be thought of as exercise for both the ears themselves, and the sensory system processing this input. Like physical exercise, being consistent each day and avoiding "overuse" will result in the best outcomes.

Research has shown sound therapy, including Therapeutic Listening™, to be effective in improving regulation, tone, and motor planning and sequencing (praxis), and in decreasing sensory defensiveness, especially auditory defensiveness.