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Therapressure Protocol

The Therapressure Protocol includes brushing followed by joint compressions and is effective for addressing sensory defensiveness

The Therapressure Protocol is a therapeutic protocol designed specifically to address sensory defensiveness. Sensory defensiveness can present in a number of ways, but is most obvious when children are over-responsive to different types of sensory stimuli. The Therapressure Protocol, sometimes known as the Brushing Program, provides specific, organising sensory input to assist people with sensory-defensiveness to integrate the sensory information in a manner that, over time, results in a decrease in sensory defensiveness.

At MoveAbout Therapy Services we work with families to implement a home-based intensive implementation of the Therapressure Protocol as appropriate. For home-based implementation, we provide families with the necessary training and instruction, and consultation on complimentary sensory diet activities, to ensure the greatest chance for improvement in the areas identified as of concern for the family.